Atlanta Build Expo show turned out to be a spectacular success for H2O Barrier Technologies. We met with industry architects, engineers, specifiers, and major builders. It’s our understanding now that our new Posibond formula can be commercialized rapidly. We expect to further investigate creating wallboard, underlayment, precast exterior cladding, grouting, patch material, pool crete base material, Stucco alternative, and much much more.

Because Atlanta Build Expo marketed correctly we saw exactly who we needed to see. We had lines waiting to talk to us. Serious chemists even showed [up] and waited patiently and listened. This tradeshow was very important to us as we needed to glean insights from those who write up which products to use and understand how our new Posibond science would be received. We will be scheduling luncheon learns, taking questions, and looking into business partnerships or licensing options in the near future.

Harry Harshaw | H20 Barrier Technologies