The Kearney Companies recently had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Build Expo in Tampa.  Our experience at the event was nothing short of impressive as we were able to share our professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to excellence with the attendees.

We were able to greet the attendees with our friendly and knowledgeable Team, who were eager to engage in meaningful conversations about our services and expertise. Our Team enjoyed answering questions [and] providing insightful information and guidance that showcased our deep understanding of the industry.

The Kearney Companies’ booth was well-organized and visually appealing in hopes of creating a welcoming environment. The range of products and services we offer [is] comprehensive, and it allowed us to showcase our industry knowledge, including the needs and challenges faced by construction professionals.  Please refer to our website at for additional information.

Our Team enjoyed the engagement: to listen carefully, ask relevant questions, and tailor our recommendations to address the unique requirements of each inquiry.

Our hope is that everyone who was able to engage with The Kearney Companies at the Build Expo in Tampa walked away with the feeling that we exceeded their expectations in every aspect, from knowledgeable staff and innovative solutions to unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Amanda Bowers | Kearney Companies